Driver’s License Testing

I strongly recommend au pairs obtain a PA driver’s license within 60 days of arrival.  Unless you are from France or Germany, you must take both the permit and road tests.  Au pairs from France and Germany may exchange their licenses for Pennsylvania licenses.
Here are the steps to get a permit/license (the physical form is a hyperlink in Step 2:
When you got to the DMV, make sure to have the physical, 2 proofs of residence, and the visa.  To be safe, bring any/all Cultural Care documents and print out the letter of participation from the au pair’s on-line account.  If you have trouble locating it, call 1-800-333-6056 and press 3.  They can talk you through finding it.  I also suggest bringing a bank statement with the au pair’s name and the home address.  Any tax documents, class registrations with the au pair’s name and the home address are good too.  See page 8 (J-1 Visa) for a specific list of required documents:
John’s Driving School is licensed to do driver testing, if you need a license fast or don’t want to wait for a DMV appointment.  Call them to schedule a road test.  According to the website, they can do it within 48 hours.  Please note, this is a much more expensive option!

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